ad for Lost in Blue (Global) mobile game ad with a blonde white woman on the left with short hair and a low cut tank top tied under her breasts with text "age: 22 crime: cheating on neighbour", and a brunette with long hair on the right in a bikini top and loin cloth with text "age: 18 crime: acting adult videos"; in the centre is a man in a suit with the word bubble "which one choose?" and a blue arrow pointing to the left saying "captive" and a red arrow pointing to the right saying "Step sister"

The ad that doesn't stop raising questions (CW: implied incest)

Content Warning: implied incest

haveievermentioned submitted:

At least no boobs and butt pose, but does this count for sexy in defeat as one is "captive" and both list "crimes"?

Yes, it does count for the "sexualized in defeat" tag.  Also... cheating is not a crime?  Like it's not ethical, but it's not illegal.  And neither is your stepsister acting in porn (unless the idea is she was doing it before she was 18, in which case the criminals are the people who didn't check ID and who filmed her, but I don't think that's the implication).  Wait no.  That says "cheating the neighbor", so was she just scamming the neighbour?"  But also the guy text says "which one choose" which is also grammatically incorrect.  So it's entirely possible that "cheating the neighbor" is meant to be "cheating on" or "cheating with" the neighbour, which certainly seems to fit with the overall theme of the "crimes" and the sexiness of the whole ad.  Maybe I'm just thinking too hard about this. xD

Also I'm unsure what the choice here is, is it who to build a safehouse with or who to punish?  I guess who you're choosing for your camp safehouse?  But then why are crimes listed?  Why can you only choose one?  Why are you rating your step-sister's body shape?  Why are you rating anybody's body shape in a survival situation like this at all?  Oh the questions.

(Ad for Lost in Blue, Volcano Force)