screenshot of Twitter post by @HiraoRyo with the translated from Japanese text: "A type of armor craftsman who collects and creates damage data for survivors" and an image of a girl wearing fantasy bikini armor and a cloak as a short lalafel type girl holding a scroll showing a body with damage to arms and breast area looks on at her creation, the Japanese text reads: "生還者の損傷データを集めて作るタイプの防具職人"
a screencap of a tweet by @leonard_ritter which reads: "our dwarven engineers came up with a new armor design protecting against the typical injuries sustained by warriors returning from battles in the netherworld" with the image on the left showing an outline of a human body with red dots indicating damage to the arms and legs, and then on the right is a woman from video game promotional art in a battle bikini with full armor on her arms and legs
classic image to illustrate survivorship bias showing a WW2 aircraft with bullet holes on the edges of the wings and near the centre of the plane

So that explains it...

dictatorkelly submitted:

Don't know who OP is but thought you'd like a laugh. Thank you for many years of entertaining posts!

The OP of the tweet in the link is @leonard_ritter on Twitter!  And oddly, it's the second post of this type I've seen recently.  Another by @HiraoRyo has original art which illustrates the same joke (I love the art, it's both funny and cute).  The joke is great, and for those that don't get the reference, it's referencing the famous plane illustration of survivorship bias, and the counter-intuitive notion that one shouldn't armor the areas where planes get shot up the most because the planes that return with that damage are the ones that survived, and the areas where they weren't shot indicate that planes that were shot there didn't come back at all (and therefore those areas are the ones that should be armored!)

On a serious note, the concept of survivorship bias is important to consider in a lot of situations where you have to think about what you're not observing and why as much as what you are observing. And on a not serious note, the survivorship bias explanation for some of the bikini armor and other ridiculous armors we see in a lot of visual fiction and advertising is an extremely funny joke.

Also thank you for reading and enjoying the blog!

(First image screenshot of tweet and art by @HiraoRyo on Twitter, second image screenshot of tweet by @leonard_ritter on Twitter, third image from Wikipedia article on survivorship bias)