ad for video game "Realm of Alters" with 3 purple haired women, the one on the left is flying at the camera with her top lowcut and slipping off to almost show her complete breasts, the one in the centre is holding a sword behind her and looking down at the audience viewpoint, on the right is a purple haired girl with a blue eye and a red eye swinging a giant ice sword, her ropes are swept up to show high waisted  panties that barely cover the sides of her crotch area, she is in a centaur-y pose

Breaking the Speed Bra-rrier (I know, I'm sorry, Please arrest me Pun Police)

griffon-gal submitted:


So this happened to come up on a video and I was originally distracted by the weird boob physics on the left and middle ladies and then I saw the groin on the lady on the right. Aside from looking like it's missing major anatomical parts (I know they can't show it) and that leg lift looking so painful I can't get past who in any world would design a battle outfit that is meant to floss the downstairs!


There are multiple wardrobe malfunctions going on here.  I think the girl on the left is going faster than the speed of bras (the speed bra-rrier?) and soon faster than the speed of her top too.  And as for the crotch floss battle outfit... oh god... I have a horrible vagina dentata flossing joke on my mind now that I don't think I can say without getting yeeted out of Tumblr forever.

(Ad for Realm of Alters, Realm of Alters ltd.)