illustrated card art from Marvel: War of Heroes showing Yelena Belova in a black long sleeve crop top and black pants jumping down as an explosion goes off in the background, she is in an extreme boobs and butt pose where her butt appears completely disconnected from the rest of her

Yelena's runaway butt

pigeonpaints submitted:

Don’t know if this has already been submitted but… Anyway, I saw this when I was rummaging through an image search for Yelena comic book scans / covers and this is the wtfness that also popped up.

An infamous bit of video game card art that's been on this blog before!  But I assume that it's going to be getting new life with a new audience googling for pictures of Yelena due to the Black Widow movie and Hawkeye TV show and then discovering that in a video game her butt was apparently blown off her body during an explosion  This is definitely worth a repost.

(Card art from Marvel: War of Heroes, CyGames)