cover of Avengelyne Power #1 with Avengelyne (brunette light skinned woman with a black hairband and a V shaped top that covers the side of her breasts and goes down to her crotch with strings in an X across her breasts) standing holding a sword with her back bent in a 90 degree angle to her butt and also her breasts pressed up high

Predraw Challenge 3! Funniest submission wins a prize

This feels like an excellent candidate for another predraw challenge about what the bottom half of the image should look like.  So sure, let's make this a challenge if anybody wants to participate.  Draw/sketch what you think the bottom of this cover might look like.  Funniest ones will win a prize! (probably from one of the Steam game codes I have lying around).  If there are lots of submissions I'll give more than one prize!

Submissions can be done through Tumblr submissions or reblogs, through the website submission form, or through email at

(Cover of Avengelyne Power #1, Maximum Press, submitted by anon)