zoom of cover of Coven: Dark Sister #1 with the dinosaur at the top of the image and the white haired girl in a white crop top and skirt being shot by pink energy in the centre, the red skinned goateed satanic character under her and a demon baby to her left
splash foldout cover of The Coven: Dark Sister by Avatar Press, a crowded cover with a giant long necked dinosaur coming off screen from the top left, a white haired woman in a white crop top and low hanging skirt looking ecstastic as she gets zapped by a pink bolt of energy from a dark haired girl in a pink dress and fishnets on the right, below a satanic red skinned man with a goatee bends over a dark haired woman on her hands and knees almost naked and moaning over a demon baby

the beginning of 2022 be like

Guest caption by Michaela Joffe:

tfw someone scratches that itch on your back you can’t reach juuuust right( and also a dinosaur and a satan are there)

There's a lot going on in this cover and I'm grateful to Michaela for her help in deciphering it.  I assume the woman bent over at the bottom is just extremely empathically happy for the other girl that somebody's managed to scratch that itch on her back.

(Cover of The Coven: Dark Sister #1, Avatar Press)