photo of a manga called "Division Maneuver", the cover is a dark haired light skinned anime girl with blue eyes in a red, white, and black mecha suit that covers her arms and legs but leaves her chest open so her breasts are sticking out cupped in white and blue fabric, her crotch is also exposed with a small white triangle of panties covering it

When your boobs and crotch are invincible but the rest of you ain't

haveievermentioned submitted:

Found this out and about. I have no clue what is going on.

When the beach party conflicts with the Gundam cosplay party and you want to go to both?  Or some sort of Achilles situation where her boobs and crotch area were dipped in invincibility juice but the rest of her is vulnerable.

(Photo of Division Maneuver #1 by Shippo Senoo, published by Seven Seas Entertainment)