2 ads for "Scarlet Blade" next to each other with a pink haired girl holding a whip sword with orange drapes over her breasts, on the left the ad reads "She has no safe word. Play free. Aeria Games" on the right we see the back of her body in the same pose with the words "Who's Really in Control? Play free.  Aeria Games"

That Scarlet Blade ad again

Submitted by anonymous

The ad on the left has been on this blog before in a different form, but not the right. Anyway, is the ad implying that she has no safe word and you're really in control, or that she's really in control and by "she has no safe word" it doesn't mean *she* can't say no but that she has no safe word *you* can use?  Either way, the implications are concerning...

Also it looks like she's wearing drapes that were made from an old life preserver.

(Ad for Scarlet Blade, Aeria Games)