3 panels of Moonstone from Marvel comics, blonde haired woman wearing a gold mask and red bodysuit with lines running down it and gold armor, on the left is a panel of her standing without boobsocks and on the right is one where she's standing with her back bent in a centaur pose and boobsocks

Moonstone vs Moonstone

jochai submitted:

This is Moonstone, from Thunderbolts, and look what a huge difference minor posing variations and design choices can make.

In both, she's wearing a skintight suit. But the placement of lines on the right turns it into a sort of bikini over balloon boobs. The art on the left shows how by fixing her posture, and reorganizing the lines on the costume, it suddenly looks far more like "superhero" and less sexualized.

Good examples, also the pseudo-centaur pose on the right along with the boobsocks really add to that effect.

(Panels from Thunderbolts vol. 3 #7, #10, #1, Marvel Comics)