wallpaper promo of Blade & Soul with a lot of characters standing around, the women are in skimpy boobsock hugging clothes with rubber spine stances
zoom of Blade & Soul wallpaper promo with a woman in a red bucket hat with anti-gravity boobsocks, a woman with white hair behind her with anti-gravity boobsocks and a woman thrusting her butt out with brown hair and boobsocks
zoom of Blade & Soul wallpaper promo with a pink woman with bare legs and boobsocks with her breasts on either side of her chest
zoom of blade and soul wallpaper with a woman in black hair and bikini armor that hugs her nipples

Blades, Boobsocks, and Bikini Armor

So many boobsocks and a couple with anti-gravity powers.  And the girl in black's weakspots are apparently her shoulders and I guess this is an Achilles situation where she's invincible everywhere else, especially her torso.  Anyway apparently fabric just vacuum seals to women in this universe.

(Ad for Blade & Soul, NCSoft)