zoom of Medusa from Justice League: Generation Lost, green haired woman in a white half skull mask in a red crop top and red pants with her pants seemingly slipping off her left thigh and butt cheek
panel of Justice League Generation Lost #15 with the words "The Creature Commandos!" being said in a text bubble at the bottom, a bunch of horror monsters are in the background being led by a mummy and a green haired woman (Medusa) with a white half mask covering the top of her face in a red crop vest, but the way she is drawn her red pants appear to be falling off her butt on the right (our right) side

Medusa forgets her belt

Relatively minor, but I think Medusa's pants are slipping off her.  Like she forgot her belt at she's trying her best to do poses to keep her pants up but they're still slipping down and she's trying to play it cool, doesn't want anybody to notice.  

(Page from Justice League: Generation Lost #15, DC Comics)