screenshot of Idle Space Farmer with 3 women top to bottom in a column, the top woman has short brown hair and a white and grey skintight top with boobsocks, the middle girl has blonde hair and extreme floating boobsocks that look like water balloons flying into the air, and the front girl has lond blonde hair wearing a labcoat and a tube top that doesn't contain her breasts and the tube top also has a boobwindow
ad for Idle Space Farmer that says "One Year Anniversary" with a bunch of women in boobsocks and other outfits, the "police woman" on the far left has extreme boobsocks and no bra with her police badge over where her nipple would be
ad for Idle Space Farmer that says "version 1.2 achievement system patch" with 5 women with big chests wearing bikini armor, the woman 2nd from the left has black hair and extreme boobsocks that appear like her clothing is just painted on her unsupported breasts, the woman 2nd from the right has blonde hair and wears a pink leotard with a skirt and there are holes cut on the side of her leotard to show her breasts coming out

Idle Boobsocks Farmer

Ran into more ads for Idle Space Farmer while looking up something and Police Girl and Yellow Suit Girl (both of whom have shown up on this blog before in other ads) have some intense boobsock competition going on.  I think Yellow Suit girl has the most extreme vacuum-sealed boobsocks on this blog.  Also Sideboob Girl from earlier made an appearance too. It's an all-star cast.

(Ads and promo art from Idle Space Farmer - Waifu Manager Simulator, Anxious Otter Games)

Edit: shortly before this went up somebody also submitted one of the images, so I'm including their commentary here

elkian submitted:

I had to hunt this down after seeing an ad for a game called “Idle Space Farmers” which, insofar as I can tell, involves shipping a great deal of fruit via boobsock.

It seems the game has dozens of characters and every single one is some flavor of … whatever this is. (I picked this one bc the blonde in pink is a special level of WTF??)