ad for "Waifu Manager" game that says "Collect New Heroes" with an anime style blonde girl in a purple bodysuit with white skirt and she has side boob in her bodysuit with holes on the side of her boobs and them being squeezed out as they fly into the air
Ad for "Waifu Manager" game with text "Collect New Heroes" with a chubby anime girl with brunette hair in a red skintight bodysuit with an underboob window cut out in the centre and a black thong on top of the bodysuit, she also has a giant giant gun strapped to her back

Finally diversity in Escher Girls!

griffon-gal submitted:

I’ve seen a lot of weird clicker/miner/away games but this one is a bit much. All of the women in the ad were Escher Girls, but I loved the sealed side rocket boobs and the chubby under boob rep too much to not add them. And it’s all apparently thanks to the game Waifu Manager.

I mean, honestly, it's nice to see body diversity in these ads and that gets treated as being sexy, so that's a plus.  But also... those boob holes.  Anti-gravity flubber side boob is definitely very creative, and underboob window is a new twist on the boob window look.  I feel like this is the WTF clothing version of the NBA dunk competition where people are putting unique twists on old classics.  Also she's wearing a thong on top of her red jumpsuit for... some reason.  And this has nothing to do with anything but that giant gun, is just a regular gun blown up, like.. how does she fire that? 

(Ads for Idle Space Farmer - Waifu Manager Simulator, Anxious Otter Games)