panels from Marvel Comics vs DC Comics #3, in the top panel, Catwoman is in a boobs and butt pose jumping up at Elektra who is standing on a building, in the middle panel Catwoman is falling with her boobsocks defying gravity and in the bottom panel she is lying sexy after hitting the floor

Catwoman's sexy seran-wrap construction site photoshoot continues

Okay so.

Catwoman is posing for a Miss Construction Site magazine shoot, but unfortunately wardrobe had a laundry accident and badly shrunk her outfit. Her good friend Elektra is trying to pull Catwoman up before she passes out from how tight her outfit is squeezing the organs out of her, but Catwoman, being a true professional, insists on doing the shoot and drops down to sexily pose in the giant pile of kitty litter they prepared for her. 

(Panels from Marvel Comics vs DC #3, Marvel Comics & DC Comics)