cover of Shi #8 with Shi, a ninja woman in a tight black pair of double banded black undies and a quilted red sleeved top but no torso or butt coverings, or pants, just long thigh highs, with white facepaint, she is doing a monster crawling on the ground/ceiling pose with her spine bent 90 degrees to our right

The Ninja Centipede

Cover of Shi The Series #8, published by Crusade Comics. The entire pose looks uncomfortable, but it’s her back and rib that made me wince.

I just keep seeing the Licker from the original Resident Evil 2. 

clip from the original Resident Evil 2 game with Leon Kennedy looking up at a Licker (red fleshy humanoid monster with no eyes and an exposed brain) crawling on the ceiling

Happy Christmas Eve everybody!  Now imagine Shi crawling down your chimney and up your ceiling to deliver gifts (which is probably that random breast she wants to give you).