ad for "call me a legend" with snow white in a sexy cocked hip pose saying "Even 7 dwarfs altogether are no match to the size of your mighty sword"

Snow White and the 7 Innuendos

I got this as a YouTube ad. On the one hand, I think the text is covering up a swivel waist (her waist is weird at least) and I can’t see her legs. On the other: the text has some… innuendo… going on.

This is not touching her apples which… ouch.

Hopefully she doesn't have to do much running.  Also, I'm confused by the text because yes, I know it's meant to be sexual innuendo, but it's still weird as if a) the dwarves are the enemy b) the dwarves are competition?  Anyway... given all these other mobile game ads, probably the actual game is like Pong or something...

(Ad for Call me a Legend: Game of Battle & Love, Empire Studios Inc.)