ad for "Honor of Kings" with 3 women in separate pictures lined up vertically, the top and bottom women are a red head in a red outfit and a blue haired and skinned elf in a blue outfit both in the exact same pose jutting out their butt with slight differences in arm positioning, the middle woman is a blonde woman in lingerie

Honor of Clones

Milkawa submitted:

Promotional pictures for the game Honor of Kings - Legendary Heroes by Tencent Games. I guess what really matters when you’re looking for a warrior or a wife is how she awkwardly raises her arms to show her butt and boobs.

The bottom picture's been in another ad featured on this blog but flipped, however, I just noticed that both the red and blue girls have the exact same thrust out butt pose and body, it's just their arm and hands that have been changed a little to make them seem like they're doing different things.  At least Belle from Beauty and the Beast who is stuck in this game for some reason seems to get her own pose.