ad for Sinful Puzzle: Dante's Inferno with a green girl with firey hair with her legs tied up and facing us while her body is tilted sideways so we can see her side/back curved and her boobsocked breasts in her clothing, her arms are also tied up

Dante's Sexy Inferno

vodka-and-fedoras submitted:

i keep getting this ad when im scrolling through YouTube, it doesn’t seem to care about recent search history or watched videos, its just always there. The rest of the ad shows her just laying on the bed but as you complete simple tile swipe style puzzles (think bootleg candycrush) you tie up her hands, legs, take her clothes, and then it wants you to download to see her naked

Apparently this is an ad for "Sinful Puzzle: Date's Inferno" which I guess is like Dante's Inferno but with sexy anime girls which is a phrase I'd never thought I'd say but here we are.

(Ad for Sinful Puzzle: Date's Inferno, Whee Games)