cover image of peregrine: wings of the falcon with the heroine in boob window armor flying at an angle at the camera and her hips and pelvis and leg are wonky and plasticine
fan analysis of peregrine cover and the wonkiness of her body
fan analysis of the peregrine cover outlining her spine and skeleton
fan analysis of the peregrine cover outlining her spine and skeleton with femur comparison

Fly to close to the sun and get your body melted

Submitted by Nails via email as a reblog:

"I saw this screencap rolling around Twitter so I decided to take a crack at demystifying what’s going on in the anatomy here. Swivel waist, pelvis a mile wide, wait what the heck is going on with her knee? Why does it look so… curved? And what is that calf?

First, I drew the blue line to show the centerline of her body - ribcage pointing to the left of the image, SUDDEN SWIVEL HIP, pelvis pointing to the right. Poor spine. (Also offered an alternative to the clown boot.)

Onto the analysis. So immediately we can see that her hips are shaped… funky. I don’t even know how to describe this. But based on her overall body type, the iliac crests (top of the pelvis) shouldn’t be too far below her skin - except, that places her hips in very different locations. CONCLUSION: Wildly asymmetric pelvis.

The femurs? You can see the outlines of her quads, which gives us a hint about where the femurs are, and again, the great trochanter shouldn’t be far from the skin. Except! Those two points are way out of alignment with the pelvis. CONCLUSION: Wonky femurs.

The line on the right knee indicates the bottom of the femur. So the kneecap should be just below there… but wait, that knee keeps bending for quite some time, well below the armor boss. CONCLUSION: Two right knees.

And her right calf? Either every day is Right Leg Day, or her tibia is shaped like a Cupid’s bow. Since this is a skeletal analysis, I’ll go with the skeletal explanation. CONCLUSION: Wibbly leg!"

I guess this is like an Icarus thing and she flew too close to the sun but her entire body is wax so she's melting?

The sad part is that having like a disabled superheroine would be pretty cool and badass, but this is unfortunately not that (as she's not like that in the other art) but an attempt to make her sexy by rubberizing her and instead turning her body into plasticine.  Thanks for taking the time to do such a detailed breakdown though.

(Fan analysis of cover of Peregrine: Wings of the Falcon, Reconstruction Comics & DKRS Productions)