cover of Syphons #3 with a brunette woman in a thong with her butt facing us
splash page from syphons #1 with a bunch of superheroes and sentinel type things fighting and a blonde woman in tights with her butt exposed in a thong bottoms pointing her ass at us in a flying crouching pose
page from syphons #1 with a purple haired woman running toward a bunch of guys with her butt jutting outward and her hands back like a bird, and then two women looking out a window with their butts facing us

The more you stare at their butts the more powerful they become

Submitted by @CurmudgeonBeast on Twitter:

I found a whole comic series for Escher Girls 94's Syphons; it's 3 issues of women awkwardly jutting their asses to the viewer and all of them in thongs.

More from Syphons.  This has strong "X-Men but if the camera were completely locked onto the women's butts and nothing else ever" energy.  Maybe that's where the title comes from, their butts siphon energy from the viewers who get entranced by staring?

(Cover of Syphons #3, splash page from Syphons #2, and page from Syphons #1, NOW Comics)