ad from smartfeed with clickbait of a house and of 3 illustrated "viking" women with big butts sticking up lifted above their backs as they watch an army with the caption "If You're Over 40 - this game is a must! Sponsored: Vikings"

Vikings like big... bows and cannot lie

Denilson submitted:

“Smartfeed” seems to make money by putting clickbait thumbnails on other websites. I found this one while looking at one page under

In this case, you can see a questionable advertisement for a questionable game showing women with questionable bodies in questionable poses.

With this kind of crappy “content”, it’s no surprise many people use some kind of content/ad blocking.

Maybe those are just decoy butts they're hiding under in case the enemy tries to shoot back.

Also, while doing research on what game this was an ad for, I discovered this RPS article about "Playing the games found behind clickbait adverts" which includes reviewing the game for those curious.

(Ad for Vikings: War of Clans, Plarium Games)