ad for Honor of Kings with a blue elf woman with blue hair standing with her back facing us, bent and stucking her butt out at us while holding 2 swords and turning her head behind her shoulder

Half-elf Half-Plasticine

loverofmythology submitted:

There’s so many issues with this that I didn’t notice at first-

The rubber spine and butt pose (obv), her head looks like it’s sliding down the front of her body, her arms look detached, the right arm’s weapon is so small that her right arm looks impossibly long, her hands and forearms are TINY, her shoulders are so close together that they’re like one plate, and her left breast is attached to the side of her body.

 The elfdritch horror is why the game isn't for kids.  Also at least they've trapped her in quicksand so all she can do is butt attack them.

(Ad for Honor of Kings, Tencent Games)