panel of Spider-Gwen falling and twisting to shoot a web with her boobsocked vacuum-sealed breasts flying away from her, Silk is behind her also with boobsocks

Gwen's breasts want no part of the Spider-Verse

mikudave submitted:

Of course there’s the obvious issues with her hips, spine, and boobs, but what got me was her feet??? Why is her outfit so thin you can see her feet? Or did they just vacuum seal the whole suit?

Her twistiness is understandable since she's a Spider and Spider-Man does a lot of twisting too but also she has boobsocks and I think her breasts are also trying to fly away, probably because they're encased in escape pods (Silk's boobs want to join them too).  I assume the thin soles are so she can stick to things, I'm actually kind of impressed by the detail.  Of course this implies we're gonna get a lot of Peter feet too in the future.

Now I can't get "Spider Feet" sung to the tune of the 60s Spider-Man TV song out of my head.

/* Spider Feet Spider Feet, stay with you while your boobs go yeet */

(Japanese cover of Edge of Spider-Verse vol. 2, Marvel Comics)