sketch redraw of Danger Girls cover with altered poses and fleshed out bodies
cover of Danger Girl: The Ultimate Collection with a blonde girl in boobsocked tishirt and very cinched in waist flanked by a brunette in a skin tight black jumpsuit with zipper down showing her breasts and a blonde in a two piece red skintight outfit

Redraw: Danger Girls

gabbi-the-grackle submitted:

Hi I saw this post

And I was in a mood so that I saw that cover art, and had to fix it in some capacity. This was shoddy and done on my phone, and I don’t know who tf these characters are but I had fun and figured I maybe should share!

I'm glad you had fun!  It's a rough sketch but I like some of the ideas you had such as some of the costume re-designs, especially with the knife girl in the back.  Her expression looks pretty cool too.