video game art of pink haired ainme girl in a frilly maroon dress and striped stockings pressing her legs together between her hand and squishing her breasts together in strange ways

Candy smuggler gets caught

askthewitchlady submitted:

I love Eschergirls and think its a great funny way to point out pointless sexyness. Anyway this is from the mobile game Valkyrie Crusade by Mynet Games . A card collecting battle game, honestly while some of the art is excessively endowed, the art generally isn’t bad, however this girls case of play doh tits made me think of the blog. My theory is that they aren’t breasts and she just poured some of that icing in her bra to pretend she was bigger.

Also the position of that staff...?  Maybe she's just in a horrible glue accident and the more she's tried to get unstuck the more she's doing stuff like getting her boobs stuck to her arm and her staff stuck between her legs. 

(P.S. I'm glad you enjoy the site!!!)