ad for a game with a pink haired anime girl with her arm snaked around the back of her head to the other side, her boobs and chest are tilted, the ad reads "Make sure you're alone while playing the game"

Play this alone so she can devour you

Cindy submitted:

I’ve visited your blog for some years now, but haven’t for a long time.

While watching anime today, this ad came up and scared me

I thought of you and wanted to show it ^^

(My arms hurt trying to pose as the character haha)

I guess I'm flattered that this ad reminded you of this site. xD  It definitely fits!  I'm assuming "play this game alone" is because it's a horror game and to get maximum scares when that creature appears behind you, you want to be playing it by yourself and in the dark.

(Does anybody know what game this is an ad for btw?  I assume it has nothing to do with the actual ad...)