ad for Valkyrie Connect video game: "High Fantasy JRPG" Cooperate with friends to take down Massive Bosses"

Cooperate with friends to take down massive boobs

acemodeus submitted:

Had an ad pop up while scrolling through my dashboard and…I can’t even form words. Her breasts are gently floating away from the tragedy that is her broken, melted body.

I honestly misread that at first as "Cooperate with Friends to Take Down Massive Boobs!" which actually, from the pic, I wonder if the ad isn't a misspelling and what I thought I read was the intention.   Also I didn't even notice her body until you mentioned it.  Obviously, you need to cooperate with friends to take down the boobs because they're actually evil aliens who are melting humans down for fuel.

(Advertising for Valkyrie Connect, Ateam Inc.)