dark haired anime girl kneeling on the ground in a skin tight ninja outfit with boobsocks, her katana next to her breasts
cuter form of purple haired anime girl with boobsocks in her ninja outfit holding a katana across her breasts

Adventures of the Fruit Smuggling Ninja (part 2)

anon submitted:

Continuing the Escher Girl that is Raikou Fategrandorder. Her spine is doing terrible things at max ascension (first picture) and even her battle sprites are posed so they can animate in as much boob jiggle as possible (second picture).

(Part 2 of 4)

The first picture has been on this blog before, but... that's her max ascension?  Why does she look... so helpless?  Is she just sad that she had to cut off her bib to reach max ascension and now she'll get sauce all over her breasts when she eats?  At least she looks smug in the second picture even though her sword is again dangerously close to causing her some very unpleasant injuries D:

(Again submission broken up into parts to spread out the pictures)

Part 1 here