purple haired anime girl with her hand out in a boobsocked ninja outfit with a bib over her breasts
purple haired anime girl in skin tight ninja outfit with katana across her breasts which are encased in boobsocks

Adventures of the Fruit Smuggling Ninja (part 1)

anon submitted:

That statuette you just posted is just scratching the surface of the Escher Girl that is Raikou Fategrandorder. Her art is all so over the top that sometimes you’ll see fanart of her that makes her anatomy more plausible and there will be hentai blogs in the notes going, “Oh thank goodness, you made her so much hotter.” That figurine is based on her first ascension art (first picture) and it just gets even more like that as she levels up (second picture).

(Part 1 of 3)

I broke up the original submission to spread the pictures out a little more.  She's definitely been on this blog in a variety of forms before and I'm shocked that every picture of her has something interesting about it the others don't have... like the fruit-smuggling bib, or that she's placing her sword in a very... precarious place.  I'm having sympathy boob pains that one wrong move will cause some very unfortunate consequences for her. D: