Cover of D&D Spellbook Cards Arcane with an elf mage in a green dress casting a spell while her body is in an S shape with her hips and butt thrust out to the side
Redrawn cover of Spellbook Cards Arcane with elf mage in a redesigned dress not in a hook shape jumping pose and casting magic with a glowing hand

DnD Cheerleader Elf redraw by lebanon-hangover

lebanon-hangover submitted:

DnD 5e has reasonably good artwork, but got you a rubber spine situation.

The Arcane Spell cards have this fine specimen of yuant-ti lady with a Nat1 attempt at Disguise self. Or maybe an exceptionally bad case of the Yennefer situation? Who knows.

Redrawn the weird clothes too…I wanted to keep as much of the design as I could justify.

(my art blog is @moonmothmage)

Wow, this is a really good redraw!  I love what you've done wiht her dress and outfit too and adding the bag. The glowing hand is a nice touch to make it look more like she's casting magic and also helps to focus the eye to the spell-casting!

The original looks like she's casting a spell by spelling out the letters of "SPELL" YMCA style and she's just starting out with the "S".

(Cover of Dungeons & Dragons: Spellbook Cards: Arcane, Wizards of the Coast)