cover of comic book red agent with a blonde girl in full makeup and pouty red lips in a red skintight catsuit with no bra, unzipped under her breasts, she is holding a katana behind her head

Maybe she got her name from how often her zipper draws her own blood

hsavinien submitted:

“Red Agent”, issue 1, part 1/5 of “The Island of Doctor Moreau” by Zenescope. Cover art by Keith Garvey.

The titular (oh dear) Red seems to be having some trouble. The boobs and catsuit are also a problem, and it seems like that zipper would bite in, considering how painted-on everything is.

This is the one I saw at the comic shop,  but there are four other alternate covers and most of the others are not better!

I assume she was interrupted on a night out to do her assassin duties, otherwise how long would it take her to get ready when called?  Also perhaps she should wear gloves to protect her manicure. D:  And I am honestly cringing in sympathetic pain at thinking about that zipper catching skin...