redraw of x-hero picture of a plague doctor woman, the redraw artist has added a top covering her breasts with a red sash across with waist and a pouch, and black leggings, moving her scalpals to her thigh so they are still visible but with sheathes for protection
Tumblr ad for X-Hero with a woman in a plague doctor bird mask wearing a V strip costume showing both her breasts, her thighs are bare with a belt of scalpels and other blades pointed directly into her thighs

Redraw: X-Hero Plague Doctor redux by butterfly-effect

butterfly-effect submitted:

So I have a lot of jetlag rn and decided it would be a soothing exercise to do a echer drawover on my phone.

For me, I thought “hey! Isn’t a plague mask for avoiding contact with disease? Isn’t exposed flesh the opposite of what ur trying to achieve?”

So I gave her a little robe and pulled her leggings up, and added bandages to her neck to match her arms.

Also moved her scalpels down to her garter, as it is sexy and also closer to the hand and isn’t jabbing into any fleshy parts. But of course the scalpels now have sheathes because uhhh she’s a doctor not an OSHA violation.

Not that she necessarily has to be covered up for a redraw (as a previous redraw has shown), but I like your take on this picture too, especially with the rationale that the rest of the outfit should fit with the plague-mask aesthetic!  I really love how you incorporated her bandages into your design, plus moving the location of her scalpels so they were still visible, as well as adding a red sash and pouch to her to fit with the original!  Also that you kept the size of her breasts, that's cool too.  Very neat!