Official art of Prestige Arcade Caitlyn skin from League of Legends, she is in a white uniform with a low cut top showing her cleavage as she aims, her head and shoulders are tilted back for her cleavage in a way that would make no sense for her torso to connect to them
redraw of Prestige Arcade Caitlyn skin with body and shoulders moved where they should be according to her torso, her cleavage is thus hidden by her arm

Redraw: Prestige Arcade Skin Caitlyn

eclecticcreative submitted:

This is official League of Legends Art (of Prestige Arcade skin Caitlyn). On another discussion, someone posted this as a joke answer. I took up the challenge to redraw it.

This was done rather quickly (in 30 minutes), so I’m sorry for any mistakes I made and the sloppiness. I focused on anatomy more than perfection.

I aimed to fix: The pants defying gravity, the rubber spine (so the centerline made sense), the wasp-like waist, the detached head, the position of the gun (so it was stable and made more sense). I was forced to make more of the picture in the front to accommodate the head and the gun, so I did a best guess on the background. But I realized after I did the corrections, the reason for the detached head and unstable gun was that the artist wanted a boobs shot. I guess I ruined that…

Good redraw!  And yeah, that was my first thought too when I saw the detached head and shoulders, that it was so the cleavage could be visible.  That's part of the issue with some of the poses on this blog, not even whether they're "unrealistic" but that they're often framed so that butt cheeks or breasts can be visible, not prioritizing anything else.