promotional material of Moonfire Faire in Final Fantasy 14 showing a female Viera (bunny person) showing her butt and upskirt undies at the viewer with her tube top vacuum sealed to her breasts
Final Fantasy 14 in-game graphics showing a female Viera (bunny person) and male Hrothgar (Lion person) in the summer outfits displayed in the advertising, the tank top of the Viera is not vacuum-sealed to her breasts

Bunny feet are lucky, what about bunny butts?

ms-silver submitted:

As much as I love FF14, some of their promotional art is…. Interesting. This is what they’re using to promote the Moonfire Faire this year.

Also the shirt thing she’s wearing is the item you get from the event (you don’t get pants though). It looks a little different in game

I guess photoshopped clothing advertising exist in the world of Final Fantasy too.  That Viera wants her money back.  "I was promised boobsocks!"