Esme (pink haired cat girl) raising out of a streaming glad only in a purple bikini, pushing her breasts together with her arms with Cherry (full anthropomorphic catgirl) in the background.  Cherry says "You know, most cats don't like water..." and Esme responds "Speak for yourself.  I'm not a cat, I'm an Escher Girl."
Back cover of Wizard's "How To Draw: Heroic Anatomy" book, sketch of woman in bikini rising out of waterfall by Michael Turner

Thank you all so much

Here's the promised art drawn by Nicky Trashfox for #ThankYouPatrons day!  But I want to give you all a big thank you for all your support and fandom.  Escher Girls literally wouldn't exist without you.

So here's Escher Girls' official mascots Esme and Cherry giving you all a big thank you!  Nicky referenced Esme's pose from the back of Wizard's "How to Draw: Heroic Anatomy" book which featured a sketch by Michael Turner.

I hope you all enjoy the gift!  Patrons get a bonus text-free version as well with more detailed effects!  If you want to support the site and our continuing work please considering donating at Ko-Fi or subscribing on Patreon.

Your support helps us to keep the site running, create more art and content, pay for server costs and domain name, and allows our coder Tess to continue making upgrades such as the recent animated gif and video support, and the upcoming submission form that should be live in a couple of days!

Thank you all again for everything!  You guys make it all worth it

<3 Ami

(For those wondering why they're furry, Escher Girls' original mascot on Tumblr was Amy Rose from Sonic, when we moved sites and decided to make original mascots, Nicky suggested keeping them furry for tradition)