Redraw of Raven, now wearing a tight blue halter top connected to her choker, her waist is thicker but still muscular and lean, she is still in underwear for her bottoms but it is not as low cut

Redraw: Battle Bandage Raven by Khantrapositive

khantrapositive submitted:

I had to help this poor girl:

I fixed her waist to give her room for internal organs, mended her shirt to give her chest some much-needed support, dragged up her underwear so that they’re a bit more supportive, and reduced her bee-stung lips a little. Then I moved her eyebrow to give her a facial expression that matches her text a bit better.

I tried to leave her pretty sexualized (just more able to kick butt) since she is pointing out that she’s not wearing her usual gear in the text.

I like the changes, especially the expression because I think it adds a lot more to the context and story, as you've pointed out.  The outfit is still odd and sexualized enough for it to make sense but doesn't come off as much like it's just an excuse for the audience to gawk at.