big breasted anime nurse girl in a boobs and butt pose wearing a frilly skirt, her butt facing the audience and waist twisted for both breasts to face the audience too

Have gun will swivel

pointless-nonsense submitted:

I know nothing about this title, but the cover appeared in a comics news article about it being recalled for a misprint: MAGICAL GIRL SPECIAL OPS ASUKA GN VOL 02, cover art appears to be by Seigo Tokiya.

With the ruffley skirt she’s wearing, you can’t really see her butt anyway, so it’s confusing that they’d twist her around instead of using a regular forward-facing boob pose, for less uncomfortable cheesecake.

The parked traffic made it difficult to capture her from the other side, obviously, and her boots are clearly caught in a grate or something so she can't turn around.