Wonder Woman altered to fix her boobs and butt pose and rubber spine

Redraw: Wonder Flounder

khantrapositive submitted:

So I did a little work on our boob flounder girls here.

First fixed the boobs, then I expanded Wondy’s waist, as it looked like she might die without room for some organs in there. Of course, the pinched waist was the only thing that gave her the illusion of having a butt, so I expanded her tush just a tiny bit so she would have something to sit on.

I’m no ophthalmologist, but I also tried to move Wondy’s pupil and iris a little closer to where they belong.

The super curved spine to give comic book women the illusion of having a butt without actually giving her a butt lest she be "fat" is something that crops up so much on this blog.  Wondy thanks you for your service.