ameliette: Love Live has always had some

ameliette submitted:

Love Live has always had some anatomy issues but leg/hip issues are new. Rin Hoshizora (center) and Honoka Kousaka (right) seem to have dislocated their hips… Maybe that’s why Rin looks a little awkward sitting on that broom?

Riko Sakurauchi (left) seems to be cut in half at hips, although that mass of ruffles does a really good job hiding it. I tried to see where the torso meets the legs and ????

Both green and blue lines look weird in the butt area.

(I have also tied to edit the Honoka, but if the back lag is in the right position to meet the hips, she looks very unbalanced)

It’s a magic broom so maybe that’s what’s keeping her together!