This isn’t totally on the topic of

This isn’t totally on the topic of this blog, but it is important to the issue of marginalization and representation in the comics industry and it’s also super important in general, so I want to share it.  This is my friend, Jay Edidin (of Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men fame) who was an assistant editor at Dark Horse Comics on the hypocrisy of Dark Horse promoting itself as LGBT-Friendly when it treats queer and trans employees so poorly. (shared with permission)

(and as for the concern that covering trans healthcare is too expensive for a “small” company like Dark Horse: Barry Deutsch offered a rebuttal with evidence here:, but beyond that, what Jay is alleging is more than just coverage but that it is part of a systemic culture from management that is hostile to queer and trans people (& to criticism) )

Dark Horse has since issued a statement here:

And Jay’s response to that statement is here:

As well, for those wondering how to help regarding the situation, he has listed suggestions in this thread: