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I loved the Avengelyne redraw rzabeth submitted recently, and it inspired me to do one of my own.

A little Wikipedia-ing revealed that the model they used for Avengelyne was Cathy Christian, (also an official Vampirella model), and the comic was mostly published in the ‘90s. So I tried to keep the likeness to her really strong (she actually has the tiny nose! It’s incredible!) and translate the costume into more of a ‘90s streetwear aesthetic. In a lot of the model shots Cathy wears a crushed velvet crop top with a little jacket that is sooooo '90s demon slayer that my little Buffy-loving heart couldn’t resist keeping it.

Out of Liefeld’s design I ended up keeping the vambraces (badass), and the ripped fishnets, which I reinterpreted as actual stockings under shorts, because who has the time to keep pulling up thigh-highs in battle.

I love it, and I especially love how you even did research into the character and looked up the cover model to base her look on!  Also thank you for taking us through your thought process in choosing the outfit and what you kept and what you changed :3