cattomboy: So I was going through the

cattomboy submitted:

So I was going through the tags and found the sexualized in defeat tag. This image caught my eye. I could tell something was off with both of them but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  So I started by cropping and redlining the image.

And that’s when I noticed something on both of them.

Dotted lines are my guess on body parts hidden thanks to darkness,other people,or the setting itself.

The woman is missing on of her arms and one of her legs have disconnected from her body. She also seems to be missing a few fingers on her only hand.
As for the issues I discovered with the guy It’s easier to see with just the lines.

The artist manged to get away without drawing any of hands or feet of the guy completely.  Yet that ends up throwing off the whole scene.

The hand that is supposed to be holding the woman up is ether dug into her skin until she can’t slid off of them or their is a bar attached to her that the guy can grab onto.  Otherwise she should be on the ground since the guy couldn’t actually keep her up that way.

The feet themselves could be positioned to where he is stable,but from what I can actually tell are not stable at all. The foot close to the woman in order to be hidden like it is in the image has to be at some kind of steep angle. The other foot would be sideways in some way or facing forward and hidden by darkness.

Combining the guy’s unsteady footing with the fact the guy’s legs seem to be on two different heights and the guy would be flat on the ground rather than ripping off any heads.

Nice analysis and redline, thanks for this!  Especially interesting about pointing out how the lack of arms and feet throws off some of the feel of the scene.