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Long-time follower, first-time submitter. The boob/butt pose is always annoying, but sexualizing a character in death is particularly abhorrent to me. So I decided to give this redraw a shot!

For context, I looked up the comic the image is from (Spawn Volume 1, #71). Apparently, this woman was kidnapped from the strip club where she was working, so her outfit makes sense. Kind of. I left out the sea urchin spines in my versions.

Here’s the original image with a breakdown of its problems, as well as some rough sketches to show different, non-sexualized poses a person might fall into when they die (and yes, I bothered to give her a face). I’m sure there are numerous other possibilities the artist could have explored. Sure, they look a bit awkward and perhaps unappealing, but it helps to remember the tiny fact that she’s dead. Dead people can’t pose to make themselves look attractive for you, like that’s their biggest concern even in the hereafter. Leave your characters a little dignity.

Yeah, I figured that the original context was either she was a stripper or sex worker, which makes the sexualizing in death thing even more disturbing given the very real violence that sex workers face and how their deaths & murders are often ignored, dismissed, or justified because of their professions. :\

Thank you so much for the analysis and redraw ideas.