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Remember that infamous manga, Monster Musume?  Well, it’s proven to be so popular that they’re now going to release a pc and online dating sim (no word yet if the online version is free like some other hentai dating sims online).  http://www.desudaily.com/2015/07/get-yourself-ready-for-monster-musume_7.html  

The snakegirl featured above is one of the original monstergirl characters to be featured in the game as dating options/possible romantic interests (she could even be the main girl or the first girl, because such was the role of the lamia in the manga/anime).  Note how she is in a “boobs-and-butts” pose, but this time at least, she has an excuse since she is an actual honest-to-goodness lamia/snakegirl.

Being a snake-girl explains it, but it’s still really weird to me her butt is sticking out of her snake part, like I keep feeling this urge to be like “pull up your snake pants!” xD  That must be so annoying, it’d be drafty!