crowdraws: learning from the mistakes of


learning from the mistakes of others (also known as “I don’t have any inspiration and I’m not happy with my art, but at least I know how pelvises work”)

things that disappoint me on this picture:

  • I believe this isn’t bad art - this is stylization. Deodato decided to fuck up the anatomy and ignore how fabric works, just to show more smooth skin and boobs and lips.
  • This isn’t an action pose, this is a beauty shot. I’d love to see the justification for this. What does it bring to the story.
  • that silly swimsuit is such a crappy piece of costume design. How come there are all those tiny little details, and yet nobody stopped to think that fabric just will not cling like that? That the pointy (presumably leather) detailing would chafe as hell? That maybe, you wouldn’t want to fight with a wedgie???

I really like this, and I agree with you, it’s stylization for the point of showing more smooth skin, boobs, and lips.  I like your version of that pose too.