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Mercury Heat #3 cover by the Silva Brothers.

This cover is especially disappointing to me because there was an essay in the back of the preview issue of the series about costume choices. Gillen wrote, “I’ve written essays on this before, but the biggest problem in comics isn’t the costumes, it’s how the artist chooses to frame a character in the storytelling. A character can be in jeans and a sweater, but if she’s pulling ass poses for the reader, it’s much more objectifying than a Jamie McKelvie Emma Frost.” The creative team called this specific thing out at the start, and yet by issue 3 this is what we get on the cover.

That is disappointing, especially since Gillen is right about the issue of how a character is presented.  In this case she seems like another unfortunate heroine stuck in invisible quicksand having to fight enemies conveniently behind her so we can get a boobs and butt pose. :\  I love a lot about this too like her hair, overall tough appearance, and her cool boots.