rzabeth: (I this before, but it never

rzabeth submitted:

(I submitted this before, but it never got posted, and I’ve since coloured it, so I’m submitting again.)

An attempted redraw of poor Avengelyne here: http://eschergirls.tumblr.com/post/99071161796/cataradical-submitted-i-have-never-submitted

I wanted to keep her pose, her outfit, and her proportions the same, and just make minor tweaks so the image made more sense. So, starting from the top down, I tried to make her face a little more symmetrical (her jaw looks slightly dislocated in the original) and giver her a closed-mouth, determined expression. I attached the cross to her collar, and made the neckline of her top follow the shape of her chest (as opposed to the weird 2-dimensional square we had before).

Though it’s hard to see now that it’s coloured, I put the swords *in* her hands (and she actually has a right hand now, not just a thumb) as opposed to hovering somewhere near them. I admit that the swords came out all wonky, but I was focusing on the character, not the props. I shifted the daggers over to her hip so she’s not stabbing herself in the crotch, and got rid of the little flaps on them (how can a pouch be closed if it has a knife handle sticking out of it, Rob? HOW?), and continued the white piping of her top along her undies, so that she’s wearing a cohesive outfit, and didn’t just forget to put on pants. Most importantly, I filled out those hips. I gave her a pelvis, moved her navel to its rightful place, and adjusted her legs so that she’s walking toward the viewer, not just standing there swaying around for no reason. And while I have nothing against a thigh gap, when I was done there simply wasn’t room for one.

(I used a church background I found on google image search)

I remember your non-colored version. I thought I put it on EG but I guess it got lost in the inbox and while I was sorting out everything for surgery hiatus.  Sorry about that. :\

This is very cool, and I like the changes you made!