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immortalmuffins submitted:

There’s so much wrong, I just don’t know where to begin

This is Ember, the title character from Boundless Comics’ newest series.

You’ll notice that her spine/torso isn’t broken as much as horribly malformed with that elevated pelvis and cone crotch. I don’t know where her right leg is coming from, but it’s obviously not from her rubber hips. Her right arm is suffering from some form of elephantiasis judging by how it’s swelling out of its sleeve, and her right shoulder either must be dislocated or her humerus is broken at a right angle (her left should and forearm aren’t doing so hot either, it looks all stretched and melty).

Then there’s her neck. It reminds me of some kind of oni or something that I saw on Inuyasha that had a crazy, creepy snake neck. And her boobs. Her boobs! What happened to her nipples? Is she wearing wearing camouflaged pasties? Are both her breasts actually flesh-colored water balloons? The world may never know. And don’t even get me started on her armor.

This poor girl is a mess.

Here are some more images for your viewing pleasure featuring: bizarre foreshortening! Rubber hips! More rubber crotchal action! Collar boobs! Metaphorical semen in her hair! And, of course, two boobs n’ butt shots for the price of one page! What a deal!

I assume her powers are fueled by the sun, like Superman, except it can only be gathered by her boobs, pelvis, and butt.  Also, a secondary power is that cameras nearby must always be focused on those parts.  All of them at once, if possible.