chenisthebestkitty: There I was,

There I was, innocently browsing through the web, when I came across this (NSFW). It’s essentially “Eschergirls - the RPG” and yes, people pay money for it. In fact, this is what the author has to say about it:

Tasteless humour, scantily-clad women and rewarding players for pointless violence. The universal formula for gaming success.

You doubt it? In the past 15 years, Macho Women has had three editions, several supplements, five licensed translations (Finnish, German, Italian, Portuguese, French), a Gamer’s Choice award, a line of miniatures and now, a d20 version.

Good on you, mate.

Every single illustration in this book belongs on this site, I kid you not. But of course the author kept in mind to explain to us why we should not be offended by his work in the disclaimer:

This game is a work of humour and fiction.It openly aims itself at the lowest common denominator. That means you, since you obviously bought this book. If you have bought this book in order to experience a new and exciting form of roleplaying then you have chosen well. If you have bought this book to experience a serious insight into the female mindset and discover a balanced viewpoint on the world and its politics then you have not. Stop reading now and give this book to someone who will value it for what it truly is!If you have bought this book to be offended, then you are an idiot and we laugh as we take your money! If you have come to a game called Macho Women with Guns expecting politically correct attitudes,feminism, character development and highbrow humour then you will be disappointed.

Oh, okay. Well thank god sexism is over.

I must admit that I barely read past the introduction though. Maybe it is a work that parodies sexism in a way that could confront men with the uncomfortable sensation that most women are feeling when they look at their representations in the modern media-

Or… you know… not.

Ah, the “I mean to be sexist, so you can’t say I am” disclaimer.  It’s too bad that an RPG where the setting is about women being the dominant front line fighters battling it out that could be a really interesting concept to explore and flesh out is instead a very conventional vehicle for sexism, fat jokes, transphobia (page 50, under “heinous drawbacks”), sexualization of children, racism, etc, and just an excuse to do the same old, same old with butt shots and battle bikinis. :\ 

Although, for all the creator talks about how he’s pushing the limits and all that, the art is actually less Escher-y, or at least on par, with other stuff that’s been on this blog from sources that aren’t claiming to be doing this on purpose.