HollowFerns: I hope I do this right;

I hope I do this right; I’ve never submitted before. These are from my copy of Stan Lee’s How to Draw Comics, published by Watson-Guptill.

Here’s a description and drawing of a teenage witch by Tina Francisco. There must be some magic involved in this picture. (image 2 and 3)

“There are many kinds of men”, but only one kind of woman. (image 4)

I would make a face too if someone bent my spine like that. (image 5)

I can’t for the life of me tell what the woman in this picture is doing. (image 6)

But this page speaks for itself. (image 1)

I put the final image as the lead because there’s so much screwed up holy wow wtf in it. -_-  This reminds me a lot of the Christopher Hart “how to draw books” that on first glance, I though that’s what it was.

Also my friend had this comment about the hair thing:

Friend: “Always keep long hair moving” XD  I guess our spines ripple in the wind too.